Medical Scale & Equipment Solutions

Department of Health Estates & Facilities Alert ref. DH (2008)
Please read the alert linked above or contact us to discern the implications to & suitability of medical scales you wish us to supply.

Stand On Scales

The typical weighing scale, but to medical standards

Chair Scales

Weigh your patients sitting down

Wheelchair Scales

Specially designed scales for wheelchair users

Body Composition Analysers

We supply scales combined with electrodes which can detail the patients weight by fat mass, fat-free mass, body water and skeletal muscle mass

Bed & Trolley Scales

Our own design cutting edge scales that can weigh a bedridden patients without having to use a hoist or move the patient

Height Measures

Highly accurate height measures to get a patients exact height

Baby Scales & Measures

Scales & measures designed purposefully for use with babies to stop them rolling off the instruments

ECG Machines

A range of electrocardiograms, including PC compatible ones which will save the ECG data to a patient record for you


Accessories for your medical instruments, including baby scale carry cases